Repeat Prescriptions

Please allow 48 hours for a repeat prescription request to be processed. Please place your request in the Prescription Box at the front of Kingsbridge House.

We can return your completed script by post – please include a stamped addressed envelope with your request.

On-line Repeat Prescription Requests

Repeat prescriptions can be arranged on-line through emis access using the link below. Before you can use it you will need to set up a login account. Please contact the surgery to obtain the relevant codes needed.

Prescriptions can be collected by your pharmacy if you arrange this with them.

Requests are not accepted over the telephone.

Electronic Prescription Service

Patients are able to have their prescriptions sent directly to the pharmacy of their choice using the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS).  This is a simple and time saving option and 70% of our patients have already opted to use this service.  It is of particular benefit to patients on repeat medication.

Instead of visiting the surgery to pick up your repeat prescription, the prescription is sent electronically to a nominated pharmacy of your choice.  Patients can use the pharmacy which is most convenient for them e.g. one close to work, one close to home or one near the surgery.

Accessing the service is easy.  Speak to our Receptionist or call us with the name of the pharmacy you wish us to send your prescription to.  Your prescriptions will always be sent to your nominated pharmacy unless you tell us you wish to change the pharmacy or cancel your nomination.

Please note that there are some drugs and other prescription items, such as dressings and appliances, which cannot be sent electronically. These prescriptions will still have to be collected from the surgery.

This service works well in conjunction with our on-line service to order repeat prescriptions.  Please speak to a member of our team about signing up for on-line services too!

Further information about the EPS can be found on the NHS Choices website at or by viewing our information leaflet.

Electronic Repeat Dispensing

An additional feature of the Electronic Prescription Service is the ability for your doctor to authorise a batch of repeat prescriptions for a defined period of time, e.g. 6 months.

This means that you wouldn’t need to contact the surgery to re-order your medication at regular intervals unless your condition changes.  This service is suitable for most patients on repeat medication and we recommend using it. Please speak to one of our team or see your GP for further advice.