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Service Pressures Notice

Our Practice has remained open and accessible for our patients throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.  We continue to work under COVID-19 restrictions to keep our patients and staff safe and we ask that you continue to attend the Practice only if you have an appointment, wear a face mask and social distance.

Combined with general clinical appointments, administering and delivering COVID-19 vaccinations, delays in secondary care, and life returning to normal for many people, we are experiencing immense pressure on our services and, in particular, on our phone lines.  Our administration team are currently taking on average 14,000 calls a month and doing their best to support patients with their queries.  However, even with full-staffing, this will mean a delay to answering your phone call and we are sorry if you have to wait in a long queue.

Please remember that our staff have worked continually for you throughout the pandemic, many providing extra hours to support absent staff and vaccination clinics.  They are not responsible for the demand pressures in the NHS and continue to work hard to support you.  Whilst we understand some patients may be frustrated and upset about delays, please do not take this out on our staff by shouting at them, being abusive or insulting them.  Patients and staff alike can all benefit from mutual respect and kindness.

We would encourage patients who have access to the internet to use our online services.  Our Online Consultation service is available on the home page of the website – just click on the Online Consult photo.  You can use this service to review medical advice, fill in a form to request GP advice and to order repeat medication.

Alternatively if you have registered for Patient Access or have the NHS App you can book appointments, request repeat prescriptions etc via these options.

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

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