Medical Information

Clinics for patients over 75

We offer Well Person Clinics for patients over 75. This check is performed regularly during medication review with the Doctor. Appointments can also be made with one of Nurses annually.

Not been seen by a Health Care Professional within 3 years?

If you are between 16 & 74, and have not seen a Health Care Professional within the previous 3 years, upon contact with the Practice you will be offered the opportunity to see a Doctor or a Nurse for a Health Check.

Travel Clinics

Enquiries for Travel vaccination & advice will not be dealt with over the telephone. Please make an appointment at our Travel Clinic – held on a regular basis. You will need to complete a ‘Travel Clinic Questionnaire‘ which must be returned to the Surgery at least 48 hours prior to your appointment. Please ask at Reception or see our information sheet for more details.

Hepatitis B Vaccinations

The Practice does not offer Hepatitis B vaccination for occupational health purposes and is only offered for travel if indicated. Further details can be obtained from a Practice Nurse.

Additional Services

Maternity care is provided by all of our doctors, working with our midwife. Child health promotion clinics are held regularly by appointment. There is a weekly childhood immunisation clinic by appointment. All of our doctors offer contraceptive advice and prescribing. We also offer fitting of the Intrauterine Contraceptive Device (Coil) – please ask for details. We provide anticoagulation monitoring for patients taking warfarin and some medical drug monitoring in other circumstances. A variety of minor surgery is undertaken by the doctors.

Newcastle South Primary Care Network

Our Practice is part of Newcastle South Primary Care Network and we work with other local practices to provide additional services for our patients.  These currently includes the following:

Social Prescriber – Social Prescribers are link workers that have access to a wide range of local supportive agencies, best suited to help with your overall health and well-being.  Kathy Grocott is the Social Prescriber for our Practice and you can be referred via your GP – further information regarding her role can be found in our social prescribing leaflet.

First Contact Physiotherapist – First Contact Physiotherapists can assess patients with soft tissue, muscle and joint pain and decide on the most appropriate care pathway.  They can support with general acute problems such as sprains and strains, stiffness in joints and muscles, pins and needles in hands etc.  They cannot provide support for post-operative complications or for ongoing problems which are already under the care of your GP.  Face to face and virtual appointments can be booked via our Reception team.

Clinical Pharmacist – Clinical Pharmacists are practitioners who provide comprehensive medicines management and related care for patients in healthcare settings.  Dhurti Patel is our Pharmacist and she may contact you to review your medications or provide advice regarding them.