October 2017 Newsletter

Introducing Care Navigation

During October we are introducing an NHS initiative, known as Care Navigation to help patients to find the most appropriate source of help when they call our practice or pop in to make an appointment.

This means that our specially trained Reception staff may ask you questions about why you re-quire an appointment.

You are not obliged to answer the questions they ask, however by doing so we can make sure that you see the most appropriate clinician or service for your needs.

Virtually everyone who calls to make an appointment asks to see a GP, but often help will be available more quickly from other highly skilled medical professionals such as Nurses or Pharmacists, or from other services, including the voluntary sector, who can sup-port people with a wide range of social, emotional or practical needs.

Our Reception staff will be able to offer you the most appropriate help using the range of information they currently have access to.

Over 70% of GP Practices in the North Staffordshire and Stoke areas are adopting this initiative.

All Practices are under pressure to meet demand for appointments and improve patient access and information. Care Navigation is one way in which we can try to meet this demand and support the differing needs of patients.

Patient self-care is also important and we aim to provide more information about how you can support your-self and your family with mi-nor illness at any time of the year, but especially during the winter time when we see many patients with minor illnesses that do not require a GP appointment.

Overleaf you will find brief details of the services currently provided by this scheme.


This service can provide advice and identify a range of providers to support you with social, emotional, or practical needs. Examples of services include bereavement, depression and anxiety support, befriending, social activities, support services to manage long term conditions, housing advice and support, debt management, alcohol and substance misuse support and practical housing services e.g. repairs, cleaning, shopping etc. Patients do not need to be referred by a GP and can contact the service direct Monday to Friday by calling 07504 245215, by email vcshub@vast.org.uk or online by visiting www.vast.org.uk/vcs-hub

Dental Advice Line

GPs do not have the specialist skills to support you with dental problems and most problems occurring in the mouth should also be seen by a Dentist, not a GP. If you are registered with an NHS Dentist then you should contact them in the first instance for an appointment.

The Dental Advice Line is also available to call between 9.00 am—5.00 pm Monday Friday. They can be contacted on 0300 123 0981.

If you are not registered with an NHS Dentist, please speak to one of our Receptionists who will be able to search our information for local Dentists who are accepting new NHS patients.

Haywood Walk In Centre

This is a Nurse-led walk in service operating from 07.00 to 22.00 Monday to Friday and 09.00 to 22.00 at the weekend and Bank Holidays. They can treat a range of minor injuries and ailments and an X-Ray service is also available on site (for limb X-rays only) from 08.00 during the week, and 09.00 at weekends. Minor ailments that can be treated include infections of the eye, ear or throat, skin infections and insect bites. Please note the service cannot X-Ray under 5’s. Further details can be provided by our Receptionists or call the Haywood on 01782 675300.

Pharmacy First Scheme

Pharmacy First is a scheme available for children and people who don’t have to pay for prescriptions and are suffering from a common ailment. Your local pharmacist can offer expert advice and medicines for a wide range of ailments without the need to visit your GP. No appointment is necessary, but patients will be required to provide their NHS number or their child’s number in order to receive advice, and where appropriate, medicines free of charge.

A common ailment can be an illness or condition that affects your health but can easily be treated with medicines from over the counter. Please note that Pharmacists can also provide advice and treatment to patients who do pay prescription charges, often at lower cost to you with over the counter medications than via a GP appointment and prescription. Please speak to you local Pharmacist or check with our Receptionist for further information.

UTI & Impetigo Pharmacy Service

This scheme enables patients to access self-care advice for the treatment of impetigo and simple urinary tract infection (UTI) and, where appropriate, antibiotics to treat their infection. This provides an alternative location for you to seek advice and treatment, rather than via a GP prescription, out of hours (OOH) provider, or via a walk-in centre or accident and emergency. The service is only available for the treatment of impetigo in adults and children and uncomplicated urinary tract infection (UTI) in adult females. Please speak to our Receptionist for participating pharmacies near you.